Our profile

In 2010 Darren Kennedy joined forces with Gerry to form Team Kennedy. Darren brings a dynamic mix of positive energy, enthusiasm and integrity to the team. Vivacious and always ready to tackle a new challenge, Darren will go the extra mile to ensure that all details of your real estate transaction will be carried out smoothly. Darren is pleased to offer his services in French and English.


Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Taking time out to really understand your needs and always being in contact can pave the way to a successful relationship. For your convenience, services are provided in both French and English.


It is important that you receive top-notch representation. We will create a comprehensive marketing plan for your property, with deadlines for the completion of each phase.


Knowledge helps to form the foundations for success. It would be our pleasure to evaluate your property by showing you comparable sales and current listings, in order to establish the real value of your property.


Communication is key. Our standard practice is to be in contact with every homeowner who lists with us at least once a week to give updates and review strategies. You will be provided with feedback (and offers!) within 24 hours following each visit of your property.


Properly evaluating your property and knowing and understanding your needs will allow us to provide superb direction on how to show your home to its' fullest potential, and to counsel you through the successful sale of your home.